Learning from Home SRE Lessons – Stage 4

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Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8)

To Get Started. Click on the lesson you wish to do eg Lesson 1 – Made in the Image of God

The lesson will appear in a box in the bottom left of your screen.  Click on this box and the lesson will begin on the Title slide   

From the Title slide you can progress through lesson by simply clicking your mouse or arrow keys right to the end to close the lesson.  Video and audio tracks will happen automatically, so the timing is up to you.

Faith Sharing

The lessons are designed to make you think, feel and act in response to the teaching of Jesus.  In this way you are encouraged to take time to explore our faith.  Often there are no ‘right’ answers and a lot of questions. It is good to engage with the lesson material by asking – I wonder why or how? and discuss these with family, friends and faith communities.

Sharing your family’s stories is very important for your faith development so don’t hesitate to share with others.  Most importantly use this lessons as opportunities to talk with Jesus in prayer.  And if you feel you want to take action as a result of what you have learnt be sure to discuss these actions with your parent/carer or another responsible adult.