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Welcome to the authorised Catholic SRE ‘Scripture’ Learning from Home resources webpage.

On this webpage there are two Catholic Special Religious Education (SRE) curriculum-support resources for you as parents/carers to choose from to use with your children at home:


  1. Walking with Jesus PowerPoint slides (to view and listen to embedded voice-overs and music)
    scroll down to see the Walking with Jesus primary school student PowerPoints and Pathways of Discipleship high school student PowerPoints
  2. Christ our Light and Life activity sheets (to download and print)
    scroll down to see the Christ our Light and Life primary school student activity sheets

1. Walking with Jesus Pathways of Discipleship PowerPoint slides – Guide for Parents/Carers

Walking with Jesus Pathways of Discipleship is a Special Religious Education program designed for Catholic Christian students in NSW Public Schools which has been adapted for use at home while face to face lessons are not possible.

Walking with Jesus is the primary school (Kinder to Year 6) section of the program and Pathways of Discipleship is the high school (Year 7 – 12) section of the program.  Both were developed by and trialed in the Diocese of Broken Bay and shared across the state with all Catholic Dioceses. The aim of this program is for you to encounter Jesus, not just learn about him.  In this way it is faith formation not simply information about a religion.  We pray you enjoy the experience of learning from home.

You will need a computer with audio and video capabilities so check that the volume is up. It may also be good to have pens/pencils and an exercise book to use as a journal or workbook.

If you have comments, questions or concerns, please refer to our Content Enquiries section so we can respond appropriately.

To Get Started. Choose a Level – Click on your Stage/Year box.

2. Christ our Light and Life activity sheets – Guide for Parent/Carers

The Christ our Light and Life curriculum has 16 home activity sheets for each year level from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Click on the green ‘view details’ button that will take you to the activity sheets on the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney ‘Scripture in Public Schools’ webpage.